IMPORTANT - We are NOT able to accommodate new customers 

About Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming salons are the preferred choice of today’s busy professionals.  Our hectic lifestyles have made it harder to meet all of our family’s needs.

The Fairy Dogmother will ease your burden by providing the professional care you and your pet deserve.  We will come to your home or office by appointment in our fully equipped state of the art van.

Your pet will be groomed with exclusive time and one-on-one attention, using all natural products.  By eliminating exposure to other animals and cages, this setting will reduce the stress to your pet, resulting in your pet having a calmer and more relaxed attitude toward grooming… an overall more enjoyable experience!!Why Go Mobile?

Mobile grooming offers many benefits for both the dog and the owner.  Here are just a few:
* No more stressful rides to and from the grooming salon
* Your pet will not be cage-dried for long periods of time
* Pets are not exposed to germs or parasites from other animals
* Your pet feels at home because he is at home
* The whole grooming process takes about an hour
* Your pet is not distracted and agitated by numerous other animals
* Personalized one-on-one care for your pet
* Your individual instructions will be followed to a tee, leaving your pet looking exactly how you want
* No deadlines or pickup and delivery times
* Grooming becomes a less stressful experience for your pet!!!

About The Van

The Fairy Dogmother operates out of a fully self contained van, which is equipped with today’s technological advances:

· Hot & Cold Water for comfortable temperature bathing
· Heating & Air Conditioning provides a comfortable grooming environment
· Generator for all electrical needs—no need to “plug in” to your home
· Full sized stainless steel tub
· Super Suds System ensures a thorough deep clean shampooing
· High-velocity warm air fluff dryer
· Central Vacuum to ensure cleanliness
· Electric grooming table raises & lowers your pet for their comfort
· Clean & Safe environment using all-natural cleaning products